Monday, 29 June 2009

Excerpts from my never-written Norway-Diary

1) The endless hours of beauty

I change my mind often, but to the question: what was the best thing in Norway, I would always give the same answer. The best of all was that certainty of beauty.
The fact that I woke up every morning with a sure feeling: we see something beautiful again, today as well. Just think of it:how often can you be sure every morning that something good is definitely going to happen to you today? Especially if you live in a place like Bettembourg...

Well, somehow with my hard-earned money I earned from destiny these eight days when beauty and smoothless encounters with nature were granted and guaranteed. Thank you Norway, from all my heart, ’thank you’, all the nice and helpful people we met on our way, thanks for the civilised and clean infrastructures that made our journey comfortable for us, two backpackers who never want to grow old.

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