Wednesday, 24 June 2009

24 hours and 36 minutes

In case you were wondering how much time one needs to travel by public transport from the coast of the Norwegian Arctic Sea (more specifically from the top of Fjellstua hill) all the way down to the Luxembourgish-French border, the answer is here:
24 hours and 36 minutes.

Yesterday evening Zoli and I rushed down this little rockhill overlooking a fabulous sea-coast-island-fjord-town landscape, we picked up our rucksacks from the youth hostel (Vandrerhjem) of Aalesund and with two (four :-) fully packed rucksacks (both of us had a big one and a smaller one for the daily trips) we trudged to the Nor-Way bus station on the coast. Our bus left at 21.00 hours exactly, and it covered the best parts of Middle and South Norway.

For us it was partly a recapitulation of what we had visited earlier this and last week: the coast of Aandalsnes, the enormous Romsdalshorn wall, the waterfalls breaking their chains and freely rushing into the Rauma (river), the valley of Dombaas, Lillehammer, deers crossig our route in the white night, the fjord-shore fires announcing this years Midsummernight... and a very well timed, "second-by-second precision to the schedule" arrival to a sunny, hot Oslo... a place we had come to like the week before.

The rest is just another story of journey, train to Sandefjord, aircraft to Hahn in Germany, bus to Luxembourg, train to Bettembourg. We are back, tired, with heads strangely stuffed, after all we hadn't had much sleep...
Just now Zoli is telling me what feels strangely for him: the fact it is getting DARK. Oh yes, for 8-9 days we didn't have nights. Except for three hours of sobre twilight in Oslo, more to the north we had really no night. At most one or two grey hours but even those were filled with life, birds still hunting, me still reading on the balcony of the hytte without any electricity or candle needed...
It was amazing not to have darkness at all...

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